Founded in 1999 ITSTH quickly had success in creating custom software for companies, but at the same time another important focus evolved:

How do you synchronize your notebook? Especially if you have such high requirements that no existing software is good enough for you? Based on these requirements we created Easy2Sync for Files, a fast, extremely safe and very good configurable synchronization software. The program was getting more and more popular and we added more and more features. Free for the existing customers by the way as everybody gets unlimited free updates. If you want to have a look at the things we added, have a look at the version history.

And what about Outlook? Often we got this question from our customers. In response we created Easy2Sync for Outlook. With the experience we collected from Easy2Sync for Files and the same high requirements to security it was a huge success from day one. And of course we added lots of features here, too.

It doesn’t matter if you want to synchronize your files or your Outlook e-mails, contacts, etc. – we have the right software for you. Fast and reliable.

Your Easy2Sync Team.

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Addins from this vendor

1-Click Duplicate Delete1-Click Duplicate Delete will get rid of all your duplicate e-mails and merge contacts. And all this with just one mouseclick and within seconds. More info
Easy2Sync for OutlookWhether you bring your laptops with you on business trips, or work on your home computer on weekends, your Outlook information gets out-of-sync. Easy2Sync for Outlook ensures that you'll have the latest emails on all of your computers, automatically. More info
ReplyButlerSave 5 minutes on each customer e-mail by using canned texts (boilerplates) directly in Outlook. More info