eGrabber is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA.  Founded in 1997, eGrabber  is a developer of software products providing solutions for Lead Management and e-Business.

eGrabber tools enable sales and recruiting professionals to quickly capture and process Internet sales leads & resumes. Our solutions increase their daily productivity by helping instantly move prospect information found on web sites, email and other places into where they need it for immediate follow-up. eGrabber products incorporate a patented, easy to use technology that intelligently assists in identifying, routing and merging the lead data directly into CRM, SFA, HRM and other applications – whether they are connected locally or over the Internet.

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Addins from this vendor

AddressGrabber StandardIf you are looking for an effective way to automate capturing contact information from e-mail signatures, web pages, online directories or documents, AddressGrabber is the answer. More info
AutoMail for ListGrabberAutoMail, a ListGrabber add-on, allows you to send personalized emails to any marketing list (Outlook contacts, excel sheet, .csv, or lists captured using ListGrabber). More info
eMail-Lead Grabber BusinessAutomate your email lead processing using eMail-Lead Grabber. It can extract and transfer data from web forms and online leads (including third party leads) to Microsoft Outlook/Excel. More info
eMail-Lead Grabber ExceleMail-Lead Grabber Excel is an email processing automation solution that extracts data from your email messages and transfers them to Excel Spreadsheet or csv format (data export). More info
ListGrabber StandardUse ListGrabber to capture leads from free lead sources on the Internet. More info