Downloads Script to clear Outlook’s Forms Cache

clearformscache.vbs buttonWhen you are developing custom forms for Outlook or when you are a user within a company that has its own custom forms, you’ve probably ran into the error “Outlook cannot open this form…” message on some occasions.

In that case, you’re only solutions it to clear the Forms Cache and try again.

Unfortunately, clearing the Forms Cache is quite a longwinded process. Especially when you are a Custom Forms developer, you’ll probably find yourself clearing the Forms Cache on a regular basis and find it quite time consuming.

The script in this article can be used to quickly delete the Forms Cache.

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Downloads Script to schedule your pst-file back-up

backupoutlook.vbs buttonThis pst-file backup script is a really easy to use script for which no coding skills are required.

This guide shows you how to configure the script to back up your pst-files to a location of choice. It supports an unlimited amount of pst-files and even network locations are supported as the backup location.

Optionally, you can keep a backup archive and have the script start Outlook again once it is done so it almost goes unnoticed.

Once configured, you can use the script on-demand by a simple double click but you can also fully automate your backups by using it with a Scheduled Task. Step-by-step instructions are provided for how to set it up.

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