Outlook 2010 updates for September 2011

The following updates have been released for Outlook 2010;

Update KB2583928 for Outlook 2010

This update fixes 3 issues;

  • Outlook stops responding when you click “Cancel” on the credentials dialog.
  • Improves the logging feature.
  • Reminders are not being displayed for Exchange accounts configured in online mode.

View: Full list of fixes and download information for KB2583928

Note: This update also contains all the 22 fixes of Hotfix KB2584053 (which wasn’t offered via Microsoft Update before).

Update KB2583935 for Outlook 2010 Social Connector

This update fixes 2 issues with the Outlook Social Connector showing the x500 address as the sender’s display name in an Microsoft Office 365 environment.

View: Full list of fixes and download information for KB2583935

Obtaining the updates

If you have Microsoft Update configured to also update other Microsoft applications, then these update will also also be offered via Microsoft Update or have already been updated automatically for you.