Outlook 2016 Update for September 2018

A Rollup Update has been released for Outlook 2016. This is a non-security update which contains 4 documented improvements and fixes.

  • Assume that a profile contains multiple Exchange accounts that share credentials, and multiple Exchange accounts in the profile are members of Office 365 Groups. When you use the profile, the “Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange” link isn’t displayed at the bottom of the message list for folders that don’t synchronize all content.
  • If you switch from Mail to Calendar while running a screen reader, Outlook 2016 will crash.
  • If multiple Exchange Web Service (EWS) endpoints are configured, Outlook 2016 may only try the primary one. This could result in an inability to contact the service in certain situations. This update also enables Outlook2016 to try the backup endpoint.
  • When you open an Outlook EML file that contains BCC recipients, the BCC recipients are not displayed.

View: Download information for KB4092462

Note: This update can be installed via Microsoft Update and updates Outlook to version 16.0.4735.1000. This update does not apply to Office 365 based installations of Office 2016.