Outlook 2016 Updates for December 2015

A Rollup Update and an update for the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies have been released for Outlook 2016, containing a total of 7 documented improvements and fixes.

Update KB3114387 for Outlook 2016
This is a non-security update which contains 5 improvements and fixes.

Most notable new changes and fixes are:

  • When you use the MAPI over HTTP transport protocol, you may experience repeated reconnection attempts. This issue occurs because the X-PendingPeriod header field isn’t respected.
  • After you run Outlook for several days, performance degrades because of GDI objects leaks.
  • Various crashing issues are fixed.

View: Download information for KB3114387

Update KB3101550 for Outlook 2016 DLP policies
Fixes stability issues for data loss prevention (DLP) policies and makes sure that binding calls for data loss prevention (DLP) policies are issued only when policy files exist.

View: Download information for KB3101550

Note: This update can be installed via Microsoft Update or the Update Now button when you are using Office 365 and updates Outlook to version 16.0.4312.1000 (msi-based installation) or 16.0.6001.1043 (Office 365 based installation).