Outlook 2010 Hotfix for June 2012

Hotfix KB2598374 for Outlook 2010
This hotfix contains 16 fixes for specific issues. Most notable fixes are;

  • When you configure Outlook 2010 by using a profile to connect to multiple Microsoft Office 365 email accounts, you may experience connection delays or failures on one of the accounts. When you select a folder in that account, the Outlook status bar displays “Trying to connect” or Disconnected.”
  • Assume that your computer resumes from hibernation. When you switch to the Calendar folder in Outlook 2010, it takes 30 seconds to 1 minute until the calendar appointments are loaded and displayed.
  • Assume that the first day of week is not Sunday in the Outlook Options dialog box in Outlook 2010. When you print the calendar in monthly style, not all days are printed.
    For example, you set Monday as the first day of week under the Calendar tab in the Outlook Options dialog box. When you print the calendar of April 2012 or of July 2012 in monthly style, April 1 or July 1 is not printed.

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Obtaining the hotfix
This is a Hotfix and not a regular update. You can request it via the KB article page.