Outlook 2013 Hotfix for September 2014

This hotfix contains 6 fixes for specific issues which haven’t been included in the most current Rollup Update. Most notable fixes are:

  • When proposing a new time for a meeting request, the window does not contain enough information, such as detailed free/busy information.
  • Assume that you receive some email messages from a contact where the display name contains one or more hyphens (-). When you right-click an email message from this contact, select Find Related, and then click Messages from Sender, no result is returned.
  • Outlook might crash shortly after startup when it syncs the calendar of an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) account (like an Outlook.com/Hotmail account).

View: More details and download information for KB2889873

Note: This is a Hotfix and not a regular update. You can request it via its KB article page. Hotfixes do not apply to Office 365 installations of Office 2013 but are usually included in the next Rollup Update.