Outlook 2013 Hotfix for May 2014

This hotfix contains 3 fixes for specific issues which haven’t yet been included in the most current Rollup Update

  • Assume that you are the delegate for another user, and both of you have the Personal Archive feature enabled. You right-click the user’s mailbox, then click Properties, and then you click the Policy tab. Not all content is displayed correctly.
  • When you move an email message by dragging it over a folder, the color that the folder changes to is difficult to distinguish from the other folders.
  • Programmatic changes to the email body may be lost when using the Attachment.Add method for Rich Text email message.

View: More details and download information for KB2880961

Note: This is a Hotfix and not a regular update. You can request it via its KB article page. Hotfixes do not apply to Office 365 installations of Office 2013 but are usually included in the next Rollup Update.