Fix for Exchange Management Console with IE9 bug

If you are an Exchange 2007/2010 administrator and are using the Exchange Management Console (EMC) on a computer/server with Internet Explorer 9 installed, you probably have run into the following error when trying to close the EMC;

You must close all dialog boxes before you can close Exchange Management Console.

This can happen even when you have closed all the dialog boxes before attempting to close the EMC.

The Exchange Team has now announced hotfix KB2624899 for this bug. The hotfix targets Internet Explorer and it is recommended to obtain the fix by calling Microsoft Customer Support Services; no support costs will be charged. This is recommended since it is a hotfix and not a regular update, so in case the hotfix causes an issue, Microsoft can contact you.

View: Full details about KB2624899 and how to request and install it
Request: Hotfix KB2624899 (bypasses Microsoft Support; not recommended for production use)