Exchange 2013 Public Folder scale improvements and OWA 2013 Calendar and Contacts support

The Exchange Team has announced higher scale and functionality improvements for Public Folders in Exchange 2013.

The scale improvements mean that, starting with Exchange 2013 CU6, environments with more than 10.0000 Public Folders are no longer unsupported. Starting with CU6, this limit will be increased to up to 100.000 folders. In a later CU update, they aim to increase this limit to at least 1 million folders!

Once these scalability issues are out of the way, they’ll focus on adding support for accessing Public Folder Calendars and Contacts via Outlook Web App (OWA).

Sadly, no word so far on re-introducing direct browsing of Public Folders in OWA so you still have to use the very unintuitive and cumbersome method of adding each and every Public Folder that you wish to access via the Favorites section.

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