Rollup 3 for Exchange 2007 SP3 could lead to data loss

Update: This update has now been fixed and V2 of Rollup 3 for Exchange 2007 has been released. In case you had not yet removed the V1 release; you can apply the V2 release like any other rollup. The same is true when you had already removed the V1 release or hadn’t applied it yet.

Download: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3 Update Rollup 3 V2

The Exchange team has issued a warning that Rollup 3 for Exchange 2007 SP3 can lead potential database corruption.

Even when only a small amount of installations appear to be affected, the issue is rated severe enough by the Exchange Team to make them pull the update completely and recommend to uninstall Rollup 3 for Exchange 2007 SP3.

View: Warning Exchange Team regarding Exchange 2007 SP3 Rollup 3
View: KB Article 2531163

Note: Rollup 3 for Exchange 2010 SP1 is not affected by this issue but has been pulled as well previously since it could lead to BlackBerrys sending out duplicate messages. For this issue an update has been posted here; Exchange 2007/2010 Rollup 3 Status Update