Completing your Christmas and New Year’s preparations

Christmas is here Santa

Have you completed your final Holiday preparations already? Well, at least Outlook wise?

If you have been following this site for a while already, you know already that Outlook can be a great help with sending out your Christmas cards by using the instructions from our Christmas Guide.

You don’t necessarily have to use Outlook to send out your Christmas cards or New Year’s party invitations via email. You can also use it to print actual envelopes or just to keep track of who to send a card when you prefer to do it by hard. (see the Christmas guide to learn how to use Categories for this).

When using an on-line service to send out your cards or invitations, you can often load the names and address from an Excel sheet or csv-file which you can quickly create from your Outlook’s Contacts list.

And when work is done, don’t forget to set your Out of Office or Vacation message and check your Calendar to see if all Holiday’s for next year have been added already!

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