Last chance to get your Christmas cards out!

Snowman checking for Christmas cards.

Still haven’t sent out your Christmas cards? You are cutting it a bit short but it is still not too late.

If you’ve got lots of people to send out cards to, writing your Christmas cards and address the envelopes can be quite a chore. By categorizing your contacts and using a Mail Merge, you can be done a lot quicker still and address everyone personally.

While a Mail Merge might sound complicated for some, it is actually quite easy to do. All the preparations and some other tips for sending Christmas cards by snail mail or email can be found in our special Christmas Guide.

Of course you can also use this method to send out your invitations for your New Year’s party!

On-line Services where you can create a card or upload your own picture and then have it delivered as a real card are also becoming increasingly more popular. If they support importing contacts from an Excel or csv-file, you can quickly export only your selected contacts and their addresses to Excel (which also supports saving as csv-files) as detailed in the guide; Export Contacts to Excel.

And if you are planning to extend your Christmas and New Year holiday (a skiing trip perhaps?), don’t forget to set an Out of Office or Vacation message.

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