Remove the Recycle Bin icon

In Windows XP all icons are removed from your desktop by default except for the Recycle Bin. When you have the Recycle Bin configured to immediately delete the items there is no need for the Recycle Bin to appear on your desktop. You can install the Windows XP TweakUI Powertool to remove it from the desktop or you can follow these instructions to do it yourself (or in previous versions of Windows).

  1. Logon as the user that doesn’t want the Recycle Bin anymore as it is a per user setting just like for the other desktop icons.
  2. Open your registry editor by opening the Run command and type regedit
  3. Locate the following key
  4. Goto Edit-> New-> DWORD value
  5. Name the value {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} (case sensitive!)
  6. Double-click on the newly created value and type 1 and press OK.
  7. Close the registry editor, click on an empty place on the desktop and hit F5

The icon is gone :-)

To turn it back on go to the key again and give it the value 0