Remove the Outlook icon from your desktop

In Windows XP all icons are removed from your desktop by default except for the Recycle Bin (see the “Other Programs” section on how to remove that one). When you install Outlook 97, 98, 2000 or 2002 there will also be and Outlook icon placed on your desktop still not allowing you to go for that extremely clean desktop policy. You can’t just delete it as you will delete a part of the program when you do. So, what to do?

  1. Logon with an administrator account as we are going to change a computer setting and not a user setting. This means that this change affect all users on that computer.
  2. Open your registry editor by Start-> Run and type regedit (regedt32 for Windows 2000)
  3. Locate the following key
  4. Select the key and choose File-> Export… and save the file so you can easily add it back in
  5. Delete the key from the registry
  6. Close the registry editor, click on an empty place on the desktop and hit F5
  7. The icon is gone :-)