Internet Explorer: Remove “Microsoft Internet Explorer” from the title bar

Ever used the Taskbar option “Group similar taskbar buttons”? It is a new feature introduced with Windows XP and it is on by default. For me it is one of the first options I disable when I configure a Windows XP client. In most cases it means extra clicking and therefore didn’t need the option.

Recently I actually enabled the option on purpose as I finally needed it to work more efficiently. During my study for SQL I had the test exam open, Books Online, several Word documents and lots and lots of Internet Explorer pages. The result; very tiny taskbar buttons and I could scroll my Taskbar for about 4 or 5 lines! Not a pretty sight so I enabled the option and the taskbar was one line again and I could actually read the buttons again.

The only annoyance I had with the Internet Explorer group is that every entry had “Microsoft Internet Explorer” behind it. When you have a list of about 18 Internet Explorer windows open all with “Microsoft Internet Explorer” behind it is hard to immediately see the right window with all the “clutter” behind it and makes the overview needlessly width. The fact that it is show is simply because it displays the name of the Title bar so we need to modify the title bar to remove the clutter.


IE before


IE after

Fortunately removing it is pretty easy;

  1. Open your registry editor by opening the Run command and type regedit (regedt32 for Windows 2000)
  2. Locate the following key
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
  3. Goto Edit-> New-> String Value
  4. Name the value Window Title (case sensitive and mind the space!)
  5. Leave the Value data empty

Now when you close all instances of Internet Explorer and start a new one “Microsoft Internet Explorer” is gone in the Title bar and all that is left is the title of the webpage with dash behind it (which can’t be removed as far as I know).