Edit the HTML Source Code while composing a Message

Editing the HTML source code has been made very easy in Outlook Express. In Microsoft Office Outlook… well, not so much and I doubt whether the tool available has actually been designed for this since the process is anything but intuitive.

  1. Make sure you’ve got Word selected as your e-mail editor; Tools-> Options-> tab Mail Format
  2. Create a new message and make sure the Web Tools Toolbar is visible; View-> Toolbars-> Web Tools
  3. Press the Microsoft Script Editor button. A new windows will pop-up displaying the HTML. Word uses a stylesheet so don’t be frightened by the immense amount of code in the header. Just scroll to the body part and edit the HTML
  4. When done close the script editor and choose to save it when prompted; a Save As dialog will pop-up
  5. Cancel this dialog
  6. Close the Script Editor and note that you don’t get prompted to save this time (unless you started editing again). You’ll find the HTML editing applied to your message