Getting the News button in Outlook 2003

So you upgraded to Outlook 2003 and now are missing the Go-> News option? There are some methods to get the option back or open the newsreader in a different way;

Method 1: Edit the registry so it behaves like previous versions of Outlook

This method simply adds the registry key that machines running a previous version of Outlook also have. This will allow you to choose Microsoft Office Outlook as the default newsreader in Internet Options.

  1. Download this zip-file and unpack the registry file
  2. Double click the registry file to import it (you must be logged on as an administrator to do this)
  3. Go to Start-> Control Panel-> Internet Options-> tab Programs and set the dropdown list for Newsgroups to Microsoft Office Outlook.
  4. If you still don’t see the Go-> News option in Outlook you must reset your Tool Bar

Method 2: Setting the defaults to use Outlook Express

Make sure the options are set correctly in Internet Options
  1. Go to Internet Options by using Start-> Control Panel-> Internet Options
  2. In Internet Options go to the Programs tab
  3. For Newsgroups set Outlook Express as the default Newsreader
  4. Press OK to close Internet Options
Do not let Outlook or Outlook Express let themselves set to the default newsreader
  1. Start Outlook Express like you normally do. When it asks whether you want to set Outlook Express as your default mail and news handler choose “No”.
  2. Close Outlook Express
  3. Start Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 like you normally do. When it asks whether you want to set Microsoft Office Outlook as your default mail and news handler choose “No”.
  4. Leave Outlook open and continue to the next section
Setting the Toolbar

All is left to do now is adding the option to the Toolbar

  1. Choose View-> Toolbars-> Customize
  2. Select the Commands tab
  3. From the Categories list select “Go”
  4. From the Commands list select “News” and drag & drop it to any place you want on the Toolbar. The default location is in the “Go” menu.
  5. Press Close to return to Outlook.
Not seeing the News option in Customize?
  1. Choose View-> Toolbars-> Customize
  2. Select the Toolbars tab
  3. Select Menu Bar and press Reset
  4. Start again from “Setting the Toolbar”

Method 3: starting the Outlook Express Newsreader from a shortcut

There is another way to start the Outlook Express newsreader besides using Microsoft Office Outlook and that is by using a shortcut.

  1. Right click on an empty place of your Desktop and choose New-> Shortcut
    Start Explorer and choose File-> New-> Shortcut
  2. In “Type the location of the item:” type the path to Outlook Express and place /news or /newsonly behind it. The /news switch will start the Outlook Express with the mail inbox as well but instead of opening by default to the Inbox it will open to the newsgroups instead. The /newsonly switch will start Outlook Express without the mail inbox. When you don’t have any mail accounts configured in Outlook Express I recommend using the /newsonly switch.
    The shortcut should look like;
    "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /news
    "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /newsonly
  3. Press Next
  4. Type a name for the shortcut like: Newsreader
  5. Press Finish and your shortcut will be created. You can drag & drop this shortcut to anywhere you want like the Quick Launch toolbar or the Shortcuts section of the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Office Outlook

Looking for a NNTP add-in?

There are several add-ins you can use to use Outlook as a newsreader. One of them is MAPILab NNTP for Outlook. If you decide to order use “4PM76A8” to get a discount.

MAPILab NNTP for Outlook description;
MAPILab NNTP allows you to read and post messages to newsgroups from Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002/XP and 2000. Microsoft Outlook users till now had no opportunity to work with newsgroups unless Microsoft Exchange Server was installed in the corporate network, so one had to use an external application to work with the news, most typically Outlook Express.The program interface is a very similar to Outlook Express, so we hope you won’t have the problems with switching to news handling with Microsoft Outlook. Now you can use the full power of “big” Microsoft Outlook while working with the news!