MSN Outlook Connector Disabled

To start with; I’m a big fan of the MSN Outlook Connector. Aside from allowing you to connect to your mail folders it also allows you to connect to your Calendar and Contacts folder on Hotmail. The best feature I think is that it allows you to drag & drop messages from your local folders (pst-file) or Exchange mailbox to a Hotmail folder.

But enough of that; somehow I managed to get it broken and all I was left with was this message on startup of Outlook;

The Outlook Connector menu and status bar have been disabled by the Office Safe Mode. Please contact Support ( to enable this. OK

Since I hadn’t done anything to get the installation corrupted it had to be a (simple) configuration setting and didn’t feel much like contacting MSN support about it. After some minutes I managed to find the setting to turn this message off and more important; get the add-in to work again without loosing any of my cached Hotmail messages.

The setting can be found in the registry;

Change the value of “LoadBehavior” from 2 to 3 and start Outlook and you’ll notice that the Outlook Connector will be loaded again.