Event ID 27: Calendar property is missing or empty

After applying Office 2010 Service Pack 2 or one of the last updates that were released for Service Pack 1, you may see multiple Event ID 27 warnings in the Application Log of the Event Viewer with the description: Calendar Folder Property is missing.

Images resize and become unsharp upon sending

Quite a common issue when it comes to inserting pictures in an e-mail (or as part of a signature) is that the picture becomes blurry/fuzzy/unsharp/ and changes in size. Learn how to solve this issue.

Quick Steps not saving or not showing addresses

When you create a Quick Step in Outlook 2010 which contains an address, it could be that the Quick Step cannot be saved (Finish/Save button doesn’t respond) or your address list shows empty when trying to select an address from the Address Book.

Fixing Outlook after a Vista upgrade

After you’ve upgraded your Windows version to Windows Vista you could have issues with getting Outlook to run properly. This guide explains on how to solve these issues.

Signatures Appear Double Spaced

Does it look like your signature is double spaced?

Error opening attachments / Cleaning out the Temporary Outlook Files folder

Get error messages when opening files directly from Outlook or just want to view what’s in the Temp folder of Outlook?

Password not remembered

Does Outlook keep asking you for the password to connect to the server even when you’ve selected the “Remember password” check box?

Outlook doesn’t start

Having trouble opening Outlook or does it crash frequently? This guide is all about solving Outlook startup and instability issues.

Outlook doesn’t close

Can’t get Outlook to close properly or are some settings not saving? This guide contains common causes and troubleshooting steps to solve the issue.

Envelope Missing in Notification Area

Does the envelope fail to show in the Notification Area to indicate that you’ve got new e-mail?