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“Signature-Switch” is an Outlook add on that improves Outlook’s use of HTML-based signatures in four ways.

  • Differentiates Between Internal & External Email Messages
    Automatically apply your fully branded HTML signature to emails leaving your company while applying a concise one or two line signature to internal emails
  • Automates Plain Text to HTML Conversion on Replies
    Without our Signature-Switch add-on, Outlook cannot automatically insert a branded HTML signature into replies to plain-text messages. Signature-Switch automatically converts plain-text messages to HTML when replying, eliminating this annoying problem altogether
  • Enables “Embedded” Images to get around Image Blocking
    Image-blocking on the receiving end of an email message means that your branding is not immediately displayed. Rather the recipient needs to “right click to download graphics” or take some similar action. Signature-Switch enables you to effectively “embed” your signature graphics in outgoing emails, bypassing image-blocking in most cases
  • Eliminates Graphic Pixelation Caused by Microsoft Word
    Signature-Switch overcomes the problem of the “pixelated” images that Microsoft Word creates

Signature-Switch is inexpensive and takes just minutes to set up. Once configured, your use of email signatures from within Outlook will be fully optimized. This is a must-have for Outlook users routinely using HTML email signatures to brand email.

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