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Regardless of your profession, you probably spend a substantial portion of your day reading and writing emails. The problem is NOT the volume of emails. The problem is the inefficient way we write our emails.

What we need is a SYSTEM to create emails once and then use them again as many times as needed. Basically, an easy way of creating and using templates inside Outlook.

There are many solutions to this problem. Many use Outlook’s built-in signatures as a solution. There are other solutions, but they are basically automated copy and paste, which fails to take into consideration that an email consists of more than just the body of the email.

InsertText works inside Outlook by adding buttons to Outlook’s menus and toolbars. This lets you use the power of InsertText without leaving Outlook while still working the same way you always have.   InsertText is NOT just a fancy copy and paste replacement.

InsertText’s templates are simply emails saved to a special folder. If you know how to create an email, you already know how to create a template. Create your email and then click ‘Save Template’ (instead of clicking Send). InsertText will automatically save it to the correct folder ready to use. Easy!

Main features

  • Works inside Outlook so that you don’t need to change the way you write emails (InsertText adds a few buttons to the Outlook menus).
  • Insert frequently repeated text fragments in the middle of an email at the click of a button.
  • Save time by writing templates once, and then using the templates to write similar emails in the future.
  • ALWAYS send better, more complete information by using templates that have been written properly once (don’t be victim of your current state of mind).
  • Avoid typing errors by reusing text that has already been proofread.
  • Reduce the number of  emails you receive and write by sending complete information every time (we were surprised by the number emails we used to receive that were the result of incomplete information sent by us in the first place).
  • Have happier customers by reducing the response time it takes to solve customer problems (one email with all the information is better than several emails spread out over several days, particularly if your customer is in a different time zone).
  • InsertText adds a personal touch to your emails by customizing standard text with recipient names.
  • Easy to use, even if you have hundreds of templates. you can quickly find the correct template by filtering by category or typing in a few words from the templates name.
  • Much more than just copy and paste. This has been specially designed for Emails (templates can include To, CC, BCC, Attachments, Subject and the Body of the email so your templates can now include ALL the email information).
  • Designed to work from Inside Outlook so that you can Reply, Reply-to-All, Forward or Create a new Email at the click of a button.
  • Identifies which templates you use most often so you know where to put your business improvement efforts: InsertText can maintain a log of which templates are used when (logging can be turned off and on from the settings screen).
  • Use templates outside of Outlook as well by accessing from the Windows System Tray (you can use InsertText templates in Word documents or Web Forms too).

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