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Windows has a (free) program that you can use for faxing directly from Microsoft Word. Unfortunately it does not integrate as well with Word as it should until now.
Fax4 Word is a addon product for Microsoft Word and makes faxing with word fast, easy and painless.

Avoid using the Fax Wizard to re-enter information that is already in your Word document
Like me, you probably have your own Fax Cover page directly in Word. One of the frustrating things of working with Windows Fax is that you have to use the Fax Wizard to enter the recipient’s name and fax number again.

Fax4Word completely bypasses the Fax Wizard. It will pick the recipients fax number and name directly from your Word document.
(Power Word users can incorporate this information into their fax templates to make things even easier)

Mail Merge to Windows Fax
Mail Merge is one of the great tools included in Microsoft Word. It lets you make personalized copies of the same letter to many people.
However until now it was not possible to do fax merge i.e. it was not possible to get the merged documents to be faxed automatically using the Windows Fax program.
Fax4Word has a a simple ONE STEP screen that you can use to send personalized copies of the same fax to many recipients.

Fax 4 Word uses a simple one screen interface – it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to learn how to use this powerful utility.

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