Reminder Manager

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Reminder Manager provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in any open mail store. This means you now can get reminders from items in any of those types of folders in your mailbox or PST file, secondary PST files or public folders.

Main features and benefits

  • Reminders from default and non-default PST files and Exchange mailboxes, Exchange public folders.
  • Support for reminders from OLFolders and PublicShareFolder shared PST files.
  • Send reminders to an email, pager or text messaging address.
  • Individual email settings for each reminder
  • Flash a System Tray icon for reminders.
  • Set default reminder snooze times.
  • Manage all your reminders in one window, even with Outlook 2000.
  • Selectable column display and printing, reminder grouping, print preview, printer style template.
  • Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device.

Reminder Manager provides a window that serves as your control center for all existing reminders. From the Reminder Manager window you can dismiss or snooze any existing reminder in any reminder enabled folder, open items with reminders and configure Reminder Manager among other options.

Reminder Manager provides selectable column display selection, column order selection, reminder grouping and additional options for fonts, alarm and snooze highlighting.

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