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Outlook® can be extended by a various number of additional software (add-ins). Many of them install their own tool bar and the user moves this to a different position. But after a restart of Outlook® they return to their original places.

FixMyBars brings order to your tool bar chaos and arrange your bars like you want. The usage is very simple: Move the bars to the places you want, call FixMyBars and click on the save symbol. Next time you start Outlook® all bars will be arranged like their saved positions (may be in some cases the width can differ but the positions will remain).

Furhter product features: 

  • Overview of the existing bars
  • Moving bars by a drop down list and a scroll button 
  • Fade out not wanted bars
  • Works also in contacts, e-mails etc.
  • Automatically deleting of the buggy file “outcmd.dat”

FixMyBars is the solution for all which want to order the tool bars chaos in Outlook®.

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