WhichAddress for Exchange 2010

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An Exchange mailbox may have multiple SMTP addresses assosiated with it. For example, John Doe has a mailbox with a primary SMTP address of john.doe@company.com and secondary SMTP address of johnd@company.com. As Outlook always resolves both SMTP addresses to a mailbox name, there is no way to see what address the message was originally sent to. The only known workaround is looking through message envelope headers (open a message > View > Options…). Suppose John Doe would like to set a rule to put any emails sent to johnd@company.com to a separate “JohnD-Inbox” folder. When he tries to set the rule, it does not work because of address resolving.

WhichAddress for Exchange allows user to see which address the message was originally sent to and set up a rule to separate the messages being sent to different SMTP addresses.

The application is an Exchange store event sink.


  • You can set up WhichAddress on per-mailbox basis or as “store-wide” application, i.e. it will work on each user’s
    Inbox in the certain Exchange 2000 mailbox store
  • The application is server-centric, so you do not need to install any extra software on the client side

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