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ABF Outlook Backup is the world’s most popular program to backup Microsoft Outlook mail client. This handy software enables you to make backup copies of Outlook data fast, easily and fully secure. And if a disaster happens you’ll get all your data back in flash.

ABF Outlook Backup (hereinafter “Outlook Backup”) saves and restores Outlook email messages and folders, address book contacts, calendar and journal entries, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, settings, mail accounts, message rules, junk email lists, signatures and even Internet Explorer favorites. And all that is done just in a couple of clicks!

Outlook Backup is an ideal combination of self-explanatory user interface and powerful functionality. Program can be easily used by beginners while advanced users will appreciate a whatnot of useful features.

ABF Outlook Backup software features

  • Comprehensive Backup
    Outlook Backup enables to backup almost everything in MS Outlook including emails, contacts, calendar and journal entries, mail accounts, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, settings, message rules, junk email lists and signatures.
  • Simple and Clear
    Using Outlook Backup is easy as 123. Wizard-style interface will guide you through the all steps of backup or restore process.
  • 100% Compatible
    Outlook Backup is compatible with all popular versions of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and supports Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Safe and Secure
    All the backed up data is stored in one backup file which can be password protected. With Outlook Backup you can be sure all your important Outlook files are in one safe place.
  • Saves data anywhere
    Outlook Backup enables you to backup your Outlook data on any location without any additional software. You are free to backup Outlook to local hard drive, burn the backup file to CD or DVD, save it to USB flash drive or store in remote computer using LAN.
  • Easy to transfer
    Having Outlook Backup you can easily transfer Outlook from one computer to another. Moreover, using self-extracting backup archive you don’t even have to install the program on a second computer.
  • Backup on a schedule
    Backup makes sense when it is made periodically. With Outlook Backup internal scheduler you can backup Outlook in appropriate time every day, week, month – whatever you wish!
  • Smart free space detection
    Outlook Backup automatically detects free space on the media you’re going to backup and splits backup file on a several volumes (useful when backing up to CD or when the backup file is greater than critical system size). But you can also define volume size manually if you like.

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